Coastal Vulnerability

Kingborough Responding to Coastal Hazards

Coastal Vulnerability

    Community coastal protection works at Coningham Beach


Coningham Beach Coastal Management

View report Coastal Hazards Options Study by Paul Donaldson, BMT WBM Pty Ltd (2017).

View information sheet Coningham Beach Erosion Explanation by Kingborough Managing Coastal Hazards, Kingborough Council (2017).

View document Erosion Sandbagging Case Study by Coast Adapt (2017).



View report Understanding the Legal Issues Surrounding Sea Walls in Kingborough by Dr Justine Bell, University of Queensland (2015).

View report Coastal Hazard Assessment for Kingborough Local Area by Chris Sharples & Paul Donaldsion Blue Wren Group, School of Land & Food (Geograpghy), University of Tasmania  (2014). 

View report Kingborough Council Shoreline Monitoring Program, Blue Wren Group (2014).

View report Tasmanian Coastal Adaptation Pathways Project Kingston Beach)  SGS (2012).

View report Information Priorities for Resolving Priority Coastal Hazard Adaptation Responses in Kingborough Local Government Area, Southern Tasmania by Chris Sharples, University of Tasmania (March 2016)

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