Taroona Landslide

The evidence for active land-sliding at Taroona has been gradually compiled from various episodic observations and investigations over a period of nearly 40 years.  Unfortunately the understanding of the landslides was developed well after housing and schools were developed.

Sinces the identification of significant ground movement in the 1970's, the Taroona area has been the subject of a significant range of published and unpublished studies. 

Council and Mineral Resources Tasmania engaged consulting firm GHD to undertake studies commencing in 2011.  The first stage of the study inlcuded a validation study, including collation and review of the available geotechnical and infrastructure information. 

Stage 2A of the study commenced in February 2013 further collation of data, survey of Council's stormwater drain network within the known landslide zones and inspection of buildings within the School Creek landslide zone.

Stage 2B comprised in improvements to the ground survey network and installation of additional underground instruments to monitor landslide movement.

Stage 3 involved community and stakeholder consultation as to the outcomes of the previous stages.

Stage 1 report

Stage 2A & 2B report

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