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Today, Kingborough is a flourishing municipal area covering of 717 square kilometres. From 2 April 1993 the boundaries of the municipality were extended to include Bruny Island. Kingston is the major commercial, retail and administrative centre for the municipality. Modern development and rapid expansion has brought housing estates, new industries and schools, service clubs and shopping centres.

The municipal area is essentially residential in nature offering a variety of living opportunities. An abundance of a wide range of recreational, sporting, shopping and educational facilities ensure that Kingborough is the first choice of many homeseekers.

Industries in the municipality include fish processing; a marina; tourism; civil engineering; and other smaller activities, for example, saw milling, quarrying, building and joinery.
Kingston is also home to Australia's headquarters for Antarctic research, the Antarctic Division and Vodafone Call Centre facility.

The new Kingston Bypass opened in December 2011 to help improve increased traffic flow in the area.

Kingborough boasts a state-of-the-art sports precinct with Kingborough Sports Centre, the State Gymnastics Centre and Twin Ovals and function centre. More infrastructure is planned within the precinct.

The population of Kingborough (including Bruny) is approximately 34,000 according to the 2011 Australian Census. The main population centre is the Kingston/Blackmans Bay area.  The municipality’s population continues to grow at a substantial rate compared both with other parts of the metropolitan and southern regions and with Tasmania as a whole. 

The 2011 Census shows that the percentage change in population between 2006 and 2011 was 9.0% for Kingborough, compared to 4.0% for Tasmania and 8.3% for Australia.  Kingborough’s population increase for this Census period was the largest numerical increase in any local government area in Tasmania.

Use the location finder at the Australian Bureau of Statistics - QuickStats website to find the census stats for the municipality (enter Kingborough in the QuickStats Search).

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