Graffiti reduces people’s enjoyment of places and creates a sense of neglect and a perceived lack of safety.
Please report Graffiti promptly so steps can be taken to remove it swiftly.

Contacts for Graffiti Removal:

The swift removal of graffiti is encouraged.

For removal of Graffiti on Council property please call (03) 6211 8200 or fill out a Service Request.
Contact numbers for reporting graffiti on non Council property: 

  • Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER) 1300 135 513
  • Australia Post 13 1318
  • Metro Tasmania 13 2201
  • Telstra 180 22 44
  • Aurora Energy  -  1300 132 007 for offensive graffiti only OR 1800 WIPEOF (1800 947 363) for other graffiti on Aurora infrastructure

Further information:

  • Council is responsible for the removal of graffiti on infrastructure managed or owned by Council. 
  • Kingborough Council/Rotary supports a policy of swift removal of graffiti and believe the most effective way to prevent further graffiti is to remove it quickly.
  • Arrangements can be made to remove graffiti on private properties that interface with Council serviced areas such as a Council reserve, footpath or roadway. Cooperation of the building owner is required. 
  • Successful graffiti removal is not always possible as it depends on the type of material/s where the graffiti occurs.


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