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If your postal address changes, Council will need to know in order to send you Rates Notices or Dog Registration Renewals.

Please note: This changes a postal address only.
To notify Council of a change to your residential address, please visit a council office.

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Privacy Statement
Completion of this form may require the disclosure of personal information. The intended recipients of this information are officers of the Kingborough Council in order to advance the purposes of this form and to carry out Council business. The Personal Information Protection Act 2004 and Council's Privacy Policy regulate the use of this information, which will not be disclosed to any other party, except with your permission or if required or authorised by law. You may make application to access or amend personal information held by Council by contacting the Customer Service Unit on (03) 6211 8200. Should you not provide the information sought, Council will not be able to process this form.

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