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Climate Change is the most urgent and threatening issue facing us.  Unaddressed it can have catastrophic consequences for humanity and in its extreme life on earth.  It is a global issue that requires local action - to reduce our emissions, adapt to its impacts and develop truly sustainable communities and lifestyle.

Local government is the closest tier of government to the community and the most trusted.  It is incumbent on Kingborough Council to lead its community and work constructively and collaboratively throughout the region to develop responses to climate change.  Council recognises this and through its 'Climate Change and Energy Action Plan' (CCEAP) a strategic mechanism is provided begin to achieve this.

Kingborough is committed to reducing its emissions and energy use, beginning to prepare to adapt to the impacts of climate change and to working with its community to increase awareness of the issue and assist in transitioning to a low carbon lifestyle.

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Kingston Beach Flood Study (2016)


The purpose of the this Flood Study has been to undertake a detailed flood assessment of the Kingston Beach catchment through the establishment of appropriate hydrological and hydraulic models for accurate flood level prediction.The outcomes of this study provided a flood risk profile for Kingston Beach that informed the Kingston Beach Integrated Climate Change and Natural Hazards Project (Climate Planning, 2016). For this study, both catchment and ocean derived flood events and the impact of future climate change on flooding in Kingston Beach were considered.

Kingston Beach Flood Study (2016)

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