Road Safety


Kingborough Council is committed to improving road safety and continues to communicate key messages and news to all road users and the Kingborough Road Safety Committee are adopting a number of road safety initiatives throughout the municipality.

Our current campaign is highlighting road safety messages to visitors on Bruny Island. With winding gravel roads and an abundance of wildlife to watch out for, Bruny's roads can be difficult to negotiate.

Remember to be aware and stay alert as traffic increases on our roads over the holiday season.

  • Keep to the speed limit
  • Watch out for other road users
  • Take extra care on gravel roads
  • Drive to the conditions
  • Watch for wildlife (night and day)
  • Be aware of the time, there can be long waits returning from Bruny to Kettering (Bruny Ferry timetable)

We hope you enjoy a very safe journey across our beautiful municipality.

Photo of Bruny Island Neck and words wishing everyone a safe journey from the Kingborough Road Safety Committee



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