Garbage Collection

Kingborough Council is investigating the expansion of the kerbside collection service.  At present there are approximately 11,923 bins collected weekly.

About your wheelie bin

Kingborough Council operates a weekly kerbside collection service for general household garbage.  Council currently has in place a collection system involving wheelie bins and automatic, side loading, compactor trucks.

Wheelie bins are provided to households on the kerbside collection route however they always remain the property of Kingborough Council. Wheelie bins provided are to be used for garbage collection and are not to be used as general household storage containers. 


To help identify your bin in the street, write your property (and unit) number on the rear of the bin.

Each wheelie bin issued is allocated to a specific house and therefore should not be removed from the property if you change residence.

Bin size

Residential properties on the Kerbside collection service route are allocated an 80 litre bin which will hold approximately two of the current standard garbage bags.  If larger families are finding they need a greater capacity, they may apply for an upgrade to either a 120 litre or 240 litre bin.

If you require a different size bin please contact Kingborough Council's Customer Service Unit on (03) 6211 8200.  For each upgrade/downgrade the request must come from the owner and charges apply.

What sort of waste can I place in the wheelie bin?

The service is for the collection of non-recyclable, household waste.

Please do not place the following in your wheelie bin:

  • Green waste
  • Hazardous waste or sharps
  • Hot ashes
  • Oils, paints, solvents or other liquids
  • Timber and building materials
  • Unwrapped vacuum dust

Items that are too large or are prohibited from being put out for collection should be disposed of at either:

The Barretta Waste Management Facility or The Re-use Shop, 1922 Channel Highway, Margate or
The Bruny Island Waste Transfer Station, P231 Main Road, North Bruny.

Hazardous waste can be disposed of at Hobart City Council's waste management facility, McRobies Road, South Hobart.

Council's Environmental Services Department provides a sharps disposal program.

How to prevent offensive odours in your wheelie bin

Wrap kitchen scraps in paper and place in a tightly sealed plastic bag such as your supermarket bag before placing in the bin.

You can freeze waste foods (particularly meat & fish) and place them in the bin just before collection. This slows down the bacteria that break food down and cause odours.

Ensure that your bin is not overfull and that the fly proof lid is properly closed.

Keep your bin in a cool shady area.

Use your home compost bin or worm farm for materials that decay.

Collection days

Both garbage and recycling collections take place in the same area on the same day between the hours of 6am and 4.30pm. 

Wheelie bins need to be placed out prior to 6am on the morning of collection to ensure they are emptied.

To find out your refuse & recycling collection day please select the link below to see a map in PDF format or alternatively contact Kingborough Council's Customer Service Unit on (03) 6211 8200.

Garbage Collection Map

Please note that collection does not take place on Good Friday or Christmas Day.  Collection for Good Friday and Christmas Day will take place either the day before or the day after and will be advertised closer to the date.  Collection services run as usual for all other days of the year.

Placement for collection

Only waste presented in a Kingborough Council wheelie bin will be collected.  Any loose refuse or non Kingborough Council bins will not be collected.  The garbage collection system requires you to place your bin in the correct manner for collection as the operating vehicle has a side operating mechanical arm that reaches down to pick up your wheelie bin.

This means that bins need to be placed at the Kerbside in a clear unobstructed area with the wheels facing the property and the logo facing the Kerbside.

When placing a wheelie bin out for collection please ensure the following:

  • The lid is fully shut and there are no items placed on top of the lid
  • The bin is on level ground
  • The bin is no less than 1 metre away from another wheelie bin
  • The bin is away from trees, power poles, street signs or any other obstruction

Residents are encouraged to find the best location possible according to the above criteria. 

In some small cul-de-sacs it may be necessary to place the bins together at the entrance to the cul-de-sac where the road is usually a bit straighter to allow the truck to collect the bins.

Further information

Should you encounter any problems relating to:

  • Garbage or recyclables not collected
  • Lost or damaged bins
  • Difficulty in using wheelie bin due to site difficulties, age or physical disability

Please contact Kingborough Council's Customer Service Unit on (03) 6211 8200.

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