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Kingston Stormwater Wetlands and Pollution Abatement Ponds

The mouth of Browns River at Kingston Beach is utilised as a recreational swimming area by many people in the Hobart region.  Council monitoring of the site since 1994 identified significantly elevated, and potentially harmful, bacterial levels at this spot.

Kingston Rivulet (a highly modified drainage and stormwater conduit running through the urban area of Kingston township) and Whitewater Creek were identified, through Council monitoring programs, as key sources of faecal contamination to Browns River.

The Kingston Stormwater Wetlands are located near the confluence of Whitewater Creek and Browns River within the urban area of Kingston.  The Wetlands site is now being utilised for the collection and treatment of stormwater runoff from
Kingston Rivulet and a first flush portion of Whitewater Creek. This has reduced a significant source of faecal contamination entering Browns River near its mouth at Kingston Beach and resulted in the evolution of a site that is a key community educational, aesthetic and recreational asset.

Wetlands Layout

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Wetlands Final Report 2002

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