Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme 2015 Amendments

Planning Scheme Amendments

pdf PSA-2016-5 - Amendment to clauses 14.5.1(P1) and 26.5.1(P1) - Representation expiry date is 6 March 2017
Amendment to Clause 14.5.1(P1) and 26.5.1(P1) to include a site specific minimum lot size for the Environmental Living and Rural Resource Zones, affecting land at: 3 Sawdust Road, Adventure Bay - (CT 54720/9) Lot 200 Bonnie Vale Drive, Howden - (CT 162233/200) 50 Rada Road, Kettering - (CT 102793/2 & 105924/1); and 16 Dillons Road, Alonnah - (CT 244430/1)

Urgent Planning Scheme Amendments

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