Sharps Disposal

Council's Sharps Collection/Disposal Service

Private Users

Council's Environmental Services Department provides a sharps disposal service for private needle users, such as diabetics.  Containers can be collected from the Kingborough Civic Centre. Full containers will be exchanged and safely disposed of free of charge.  When obtaining a sharps container, you will be provided with a number used only for Council recording purposes.

Sharps from commercial premises

Sharps which originate from Medical Practitioners, Health Centres, Veterinary Surgeries etc, are charged a fee for disposal.  This is $8.00 per litre if delivered to Council and $11.00 per litre if the sharps are collected.

Abandoned Sharps found in the Kingborough

If members of the public locate abandoned sharp(s) within Kingborough, they should contact Council's Environmental Services Department so that an Officer can come and safely remove it.  Sharps should be handled with extreme care and not at all if possible.

Sharps that are found in the municipality are recorded and a report sent to the Needle Availability Program for information and statistical purposes.


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