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Parking enforcement plays a vital role in ensuring that parking resources are used in the best interests of the community.  Businesses require adequate parking with a regular turnover of vehicles.  Near capacity parking (with little vehicle turnover) discourages potential shoppers and harms trade and potentially the local economy.

Just as a gentle reminder, there are a number of areas around Kingston which have restricted times for parking.  There are also a number of disabled parking spaces and loading zones.  The parking restrictions have been designed to ensure that all have a fair go when it is time to do your shopping.  The Compliance Officers regularly patrol those areas and issue infringements for those few who try and stretch the friendship.

Kingborough Council issues parking infringements in accordance with the provisions contained within the Traffic Act 1925Local Government Highways Act 1982,  Traffic (Road Rules) Regulations 1999  and  Kingborough Council's Roads, Parking and Stormwater By-Law.


1. Where can I park?  Return to top of page

You can park along most streets and in carparks unless otherwise stated, abiding by the signposted time limits and zones.
Keeping in mind that you must not park to cause an obstruction under any circumstances and that you are only allowed to park in loading zones when loading or unloading goods in the course of business and if your vehicle falls into one of the following classes.

Class 1 - Truck* and prime movers (with a Gross Vehicle Mass greater than 4.5 tonnes) together with any trailer that they may be towing.
Class 2 - Any other vehicle, including a motorcycle, that permanently displays the name and address of the registered owner, on the right hand side of the vehicle in letters at least 25mm high and in clear contrast with the background so as to be distinctly legible at a distance of 5 metres.
Class 3 - A vehicle that holds and displays on its windscreen an Exemption Certificate - Loading Zone label.
Class 4 - A bus (with 13 or more seats, including the drivers seat) when picking up or setting down passengers.

Unfortunately at this stage, there are no parking spaces designated for motorcycles.

(* under legislation 'truck' means any goods vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) greater than 4.5 tonnes.  This includes vans, utes, tray tops etc over 4.5 tonnes GVM.)

2. Are there Council patrolled carparks?  Return to top of page

Yes.  In agreement with Centre Managements, time limits for carparks have been imposed.  Council Compliance Officers enforce the limitation when they regularly patrol these carparks.
Council patrolled carparks are as follows
- Channel Court Carpark
- John Street Carpark
- 7 John Street Carpark
- Kingston Library Carpark (Linc)
- Kingborough Medical Centre Carpark
- Kingston Plaza Carpark (Near Coles Supermarket)
- Kingston Gateway Carpark (Near Kingston Hotel)
- Kingborough Civic Centre Carpark
- Kingston Primary School Carpark
- Kingborough Family Day Care/Youth Services Carpark

Compliance Officers also patrol all of Kingborough Municipality car parking, including normal street side parking.

3. Are there any all day carparks?  Return to top of page

All day parking is available within the 'All Day Parking' area of John Street Carpark.  Metro Bus users may park all day in the Park and Ride Carpark in Denison Street.

4. Can you park over the footpath?  Return to top of page

No, a person must not park a vehicle or trailer wholly or partly on a footpath or nature strip unless authorised to do so by a permit issued by the General Manager.

5. Can I park my car for sale?  Return to top of page

No, a person must not park a vehicle on a road (including part of road, road reservation, footpath or walkway) with the purpose of advertising it for sale.

6. Are there disabled parking spaces?  Return to top of page

Yes.  These are located throughout the carparks.  You must display a current disabled permit from your rear vision mirror.  Interstate visitors must display a current permit from their state or territory.

7. Where can I get a disabled parking permit?  Return to top of page

Permit application forms are available from Service Tasmania. 

8. How can I pay my parking infringement / fine?  Return to top of page

Payments can be made in the following way:

In person:
Payments can be taken at the Cashiers at Council's offices located at 15 Channel Highway, Kingston.

By phone:
Payments can be taken over the phone if you wish to pay by credit card by phoning 03 6211 8200.

By mail:
Payments by way of cheques and money orders can be made payable to Kingborough Council and posted to:
Kingborough Council
Locked Bay 1

9. What if I want to dispute a parking infringement?  Return to top of page

If you wish to dispute a parking infringement, you will need to write in or fill in an Application to Withdraw Infringement Notice to the Compliance Coordinator, stating the reasons why the infringement should be withdrawn.  The items will be considered and you will be advised in due course of the outcome.  Or you have the option to elect a Court Hearing by filling in the Notice of Election for Court Hearing form and lodging this with Council.

10. What happens if I can't afford to pay the infringement?  Return to top of page

If you can't afford to pay the full infringement in one lump sum, you can fill in an Application to enter into payment arrangement and the Compliance Coordnator can decide if approval can be given to pay in instalments.


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