Emergency Management

Kingborough is subject to the onset of natural disasters such as fire, flood and storm damage, public health issues such as flu pandemics and food contamination, exotic animal diseases that impacts on the livestock and/or our native fauna and environmental influences such as sea rise and erosion of the coastline.

The Resilient Kingborough website has been developed and is dedicated to emergency management and assisting the community to become more resilience to natural hazards and the impacts of our changing climate.

There is a vareity of information on the site that will assist the communtiy to be better prepared for the onset of disasters and aid the community in the recovery process should an event impact upon Kingborough.

NDRGP Final Summary Report
Torrens Scorecard & Recommendations
Bruny Island Hazard Communication & Risk Study

Taroona landslide

Council has received the final report on the current investigations into the Taroona landslide.  The investigations confirmed that, based on current evidence, the landslide is a slow moving feature with movement associated with ground water pressure.  Evidence is that following extended wet periods where ground water pressure increases, movement can be in the order of 40-50mm per annum.  However, during the dry periods little or no movement occurs. 

Council is commited to working with Mineral Resources Tasmania and other infrastructure owners to monitor the landslide and provide updates to the community as new information is available.

A copy of the Taroona Landside Area report is available - Taroona landslide report September 2014(6667 kb)



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