Disability Access in Kingborough

Local Government has a contribution to make in protecting and promoting the human rights of people with a disability, so that they are able to participate equally in a broad range of community activities, and to be contributing citizens in the social and economic development of our community.

As a major provider of services and facilities the Kingborough Council strives to create and facilitate an environment which is free of disability discrimination.

Kingborough Access Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Kingborough Access Advisory Committee is to provide advice and assistance to Kingborough Council on access issues, in particular, in the implementation of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and regular evaluation of Council's Access Action Plan.


  • Being a point of consultation on issues regarding Council activities and projects and how they impact on the access needs of the community.
  • Identifying priorities each year, within the allocated budget to improve access for all in parks, streetscapes, and Council buildings and facilities.
  • Raising access concerns related to Council's roles and functions on behalf of Kingborough Council.
  • Identifying and advising Council and others of access issues in Kingborough.
  • Promoting to Council the rights of people with a disability to be treated in a manner that enhances dignity, independence and equality of service.
  • Assisting in the provision of Disability Awareness Training to Council officers, Committee members and other identified groups where appropriate.
  • Assisting in the development of policies and procedures relating to access.
  • Facilitating and overseeing regular evaluation of the implementation of Council's Action Plan.

The Committee meets every two months and is currently chaired by Cr Paula Wriedt Deputy Mayor.


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