Council Management

 Whilst the elected Council's role is primarily strategic planning and policy decision-making, the management and staff are responsible for providing professional advice to Council, delivering services to Kingborough's residents and customers and implementing Council's decisions.

The General Manager is Council's principal advisor and chief administrator and is supported by a leadership team in the implementation of Council's decisions and policies. 

Council's organisational structure consists of the following Departments: 

Executive Management
Provides strategic leadership and direction to Council through the coordination of resources.  Focuses on managing the operations of Council in a professional manner and in accordance with the legislative requirements and Council policies.  Manages the delivery of the Council's strategic and secretariat function including Council agendas and minutes, the oversight of organisational policies and by-laws, as well as attendance to Council's statutory and legislative imperatives.

Organisational Development
Responsible for development of Council's organisational and employee development programs.  Develops and implements strategies, policies and procedures through the provision of human resources and industrial relations services, as well as payroll functions.  Manages the corporate communications function.

Provides financial based services to both internal and external customers including the management of Council's finances, financial reporting systems, management of financial assets, risk management and insurances and the raising and collection of rates and charges.

Information Services
Responsible for the delivery of information technology, communications (ITC).  Key functions include customer service, records and information management, provision and maintenance of IT hardware and application software, website management, helpdesk support and telecommunications.

Community and Economic Development
Works in partnership with local and regional communities, state and federal government, government and non-government agencies and the private sector to deliver a diverse range of services, programs and facilities necessary to maintain and build a healthy and sustainable community now and into the future.  Key functions include community and recreational services, environmental services, compliance, building and plumbing services and statutory and strategic planning.

Engineering Services
Responsible for the development of future infrastructure planning strategies to ensure a high level of service to the community.  Provides engineering and technical advice to Council and prepares and implements the annual capital works program.   Other key functions include engineering design, tendering and contract management and supervision of works within the capital works program, policy development and day to day management of traffic and transport related issues, as well as the creation and maintenance of asset registers and plans. 

Provides services to maintain operate and develop Council's assets and infrastructure.  Responsible for the efficient delivery of Council's annual maintenance programs, as well as specified capital works projects.  Manages the purchasing and maintenance of Council's fleet, plant and equipment, provides an after hours emergency service for Council's infrastructure and assets, as well as the operations of the Municipal Depots at Kingston and Bruny Island. 







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