Our Vision reflects the type of community we are striving for in Kingborough.

Kingborough in 2020 will be a:

thriving, vibrant and connected community;
There is energy, passion and creativity in the way our community approaches its social, economic and environmental challenges and opportunities. We are a community which acknowledges respects and celebrates its diversity. We are connected to each other and the rest of the world. Information technology helps each household learn, communicate and engage locally and globally. We participate in the life of our communities but are one community, encouraging all views.

healthy by nature;
We have a healthy, active lifestyle sustained and supported by the nature that surrounds us.

and naturally beautiful.
Our land, coasts and waterways provide special places for recreation, relaxation and reflection.

The community section on our website covers resources you can find for a family, younger or older people, people finding a group to be involved with, how we can deal with emergencies in our municipality, health for all the family such as being food safe, immunisations, and much more.

This is the area to keep an eye out for surveys so you can help shape our future, competitions that Council hold and event details that are being run in the community.  Find out how to become a Family Day Carer or maybe you need to find some care for an older family member so look at Manor Gardens Club page.

Stay connected in your community.

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