Kingborough Planning Scheme 2000 (Superseded)

The Kingborough Planning Scheme 2000 is made up of the standards and schedules (the written part of the scheme) and the maps.

The Kingborough Planning Scheme 2000 has only six development zones.  These are: Residential (red), Business & Civic (blue), Industrial (purple), Primary Industries (cream), Environmental Management (dark green) and Recreation (pale green).  The zones on the maps relate to the zone standards set out in the Planning Scheme.  The zones are marked on the Planning Scheme maps that are available for inspection at the Council office or from this webpage.  The ‘Isolated Settlement’ overlay affects some special areas that, although zoned Primary Industries, do allow for closer residential type uses.  This is in recognition of their existing rural village type use pattern.  Details of the 'Isolated Settlement' boundaries are available by contacting the Council office.

 The Kingborough Planning Scheme 2000 maps should be read in conjunction with the Kingborough Planning Scheme 2000 document.

Please click on the map number corresponding to your area of interest.

Planning scheme maps and zoning information are current at the time of publishing on this site. Land use zonings applying to a site(s) should be confirmed with a council officer before proceeding with any activities or proposal dependent on these zonings.

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